Saturday, January 2, 2010

Labor of Love for the New Year

We're looking forward to trying square foot gardening this year. I'll try to post pictures and lists of plants as our project unfolds.

Friday, January 25, 2008

Every Good Tradesman Has A Tool Belt

In my attempt to regain control of my household, I have assembled a tool belt made from a clothespin apron. I keep this on during the day so that I have with me at all times those items necessary to a smooth, efficient management of my home. These include:
latex gloves
sharpie markers
tiny broom and dustpan
duct tape
kitchen timer
zip ties
nail clippers
tide to go pen
nail file, landline phone, post-it note pads, cell phone, "key" to interior doors, grocery list, measuring tape, chap stick, calendar, pen, keys with swiss army knife, feather duster, hair restraints. This has saved me a tremendous amount of time running all over the house, looking for things. I'd love to hear your tool belt items list!